8 Best NEAR NFT Projects 2022

Top 8 NEAR NFT Projects 2022

The rise of the NFT market began just in time. With the launch of Simple Nightshade sharding on November 15, the platform’s transaction speed, performance, and Near protocol security allow the dynamic NFT space to grow strongly in the NEAR ecosystem. Critical to this development is the $800 million NEAR global ecosystem funding the team announced on October 21, Proximity Labs’ $350 million grant DAO to help NFT projects create new and unique marketplaces and more options for using NFT tokens on NEAR.

To showcase how the NEAR community is leveraging Nightshade’s ultra-high yet carbon-neutral sharding speed capabilities, we’ll highlight the top NEAR NFT projects. These projects showcase what is happening at NEAR and what will become possible to use these digital assets.

Top 8 NFT Projects on NEAR Protocol 2022

#1 Paras

The real-life trading card subculture inspires the Paras NFT marketplace. NFT token offerings on Paras will look familiar to collectors of sports cards, Pokémon, and other collectible cards.

On Paras, NEAR users can quickly and cheaply create digital cards for art, comics, and other collectibles. After creating an NFT token, the author can sell it, and ordinary buyers and serious collectors can buy it, thereby acquiring digital assets.

The NFT community now has thousands of users who buy various unique NFT tokens on the Paras platform. Paras is growing fast, with over 18,000 followers on Twitter and 3,000 followers on Telegram.

#2 Mintbase

Like Paras, Lisbon-based Mintbase is an online NFT token platform where users can create and sell NFTs with art, music, tickets, and more. While Mintbase is a marketplace, it is also a service that provides users with the tools to create their marketplaces.

Mintbase allows almost anyone with internet access to create NFTs and sell them on the Mintbase NFT marketplace or other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Minter can create a smart contract and limit the transferability of issued tokens, which helps prevent fraud or illegal transfer of unique items. Mintbase is focused on creating a unique NFT development experience, which is why Mintbase supports a wide range of digital assets. This sets Mintbase apart from competing platforms targeting a particular category of NFTs.

The platform focuses on two use cases:

  • Reward: Allowing organizations of any type to develop their own NFTs, Mintbase allows them to create their program rewards without investing much money. Only a peer-to-peer network allows these digital assets to move freely through the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Ticket Sales: Mintbase can save ticket companies a lot of money by removing credit card fees, which can be as high as 3.5% + $0.20 per ticket type.

#3 TenK

TenK is an open-source generative art platform with the tools to bring a wide range of NFT art to NEAR. The team has brought many productive art projects to life in just a few months.

In late 2021, TenK launched NEAR Misfits, the first cryptographically complete collection of profile avatars on NEAR. In less than 24 hours, all 2000 NFT tokens were sold out, and in January, the collections increased in price by more than 220%. TenK has also supported Near Tiger Academy, “a high-end collection of 2,000 algorithmically generated NFT tokens,” with the EnDAOment Foundation, which creates NEAR experiences for students and educators.

TenK helps with solid partnerships with the dApps of the NEAR ecosystem to ensure the value and longevity of the project.

#4 Satori

NFT owners, artists, or creators who need help creating and distributing NFT tokens should look at the new Satori NFT platform. Satori – currently in stealth mode – is working with renowned artists and musicians to develop an NFT ecosystem that anyone can use to reimagine the creative economy, ushering in the following “creative renaissance.”

On Satori, NFT artists, musicians, and creators can offer their NFT work directly to their audience without intermediaries. Satori will provide creators with all the tools they need to create their own NFT business and provide their fans with innovative products.

#5 Metamon

In Metamon, players take custody or capture endangered alien creatures, represented as limited-edition NFT tokens. By combining two identical Metamons, players can turn them into even rarer and more powerful creatures.

Metamon Island is a single-player game focused entirely on making money. The gameplay is built around NFT characters – Metamons. They can be bought, sold, obtained from eggs, and used during battles.

Since there is no interaction with other players in Metamon Island, battles occur with NPCs. During the struggle, there is an automatic comparison of the characteristics of the players and the NPC Metamons. The participant can choose the creature that will be sent to battle but has no way to influence the course of events.

#6 Feiyu

Powered by NEAR, Feiyu is a platform that brings a whole new dimension to social media. On Feiyu, which is currently only available in China, users can express their creativity by exchanging memes and gifs in an NFT-based Metaverse without registering a wallet.

With its built-in meme generator, Feiyu offers users an extremely easy way to create and share their GIFs and memes with others. Activity on Feiyu is stimulated through rewards, such as earning native platform tokens and NFT items, such as skins, weapons, and others.

#7 Raiz

Lisbon-based Raiz (one of Mintbase’s projects) uses NFTs to fund vertical farms in underutilized urban spaces. Raiz was founded by Emiliano Gutiérrez, who believes that these urban spaces can become growing gathering centers for locals and restaurants. Thus, Raiz is opposed to the conventional agricultural business model, in which harvested products are exported.

NFT technology and tokens are used as digital pictures of plants available on Raiz. These NFTs are linked to environmental impact metrics such as avoiding carbon emissions and conserving water, which are considerable challenges in traditional industrial farming agricultural markets.

#8 NEAR Misfits NFT Project

The NEAR Misfits NFT profile avatars project plans to become NEAR’s counterpart to the Bored Apes Yacht Club. NEAR Misfits has already sold out and is the #1 NFT project on Paras as of January 10, 2022. The NEAR Misfits team is committed to the philosophy that everyone can enter the NEAR Metaverse and become the best version of themselves there. And as the NEAR ecosystem matures, far more people could be willing to join the NFT world.

Near NFT Projects Worth Attention

The presented 8 Best NFT Projects are awe-inspiring. But due to the high demand for NEAR, there is much more content, and it will take more than one day to describe each, although some are still worth mentioning. Example:

  • OP Games
  • Hip Hop Heads
  • Audio NFT single “this is fine.”

Features of the Near NFT

An NFT is essentially a digital container that contains intellectual property. These containers are minted, bought, and sold. And since the blockchain stores this IP address, it guarantees that the owner is the only owner occupying a certain place in the immutable public ledger.

This is useful if someone wants to be the legal owner of a work of art and good for an artist who might want to know who bought their work. But NFTs can do much more, especially those NFTs that run on the NEAR blockchain.

NFTs on NEAR can now even reward their creators or owners. Users can deposit assets on a platform or protocol, earning interest for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Developers and investors are confident that NFT technology will continue transforming industries, not just the art world. Many people think that the NFT will eventually create an entirely new economy. For example, players in the Philippines who play to earn already participate in the NFT economy. And soon, probably, NFTs will become the currency in the metaverses.

As with any new technology, everyone is initially skeptical and not 100% sure it will work. Many artists have made a living from “physical” art, so it’s hard to convince them otherwise. But those who are already studying NFT will be those who advance in this direction. And platforms such as NEAR, with their optimization of NFT smart contracts, will only contribute to this.


What is the main value of NFT?

NFT is a ready-made product that has value in the digital space, and for creative people, it is also a way to earn cryptocurrency by creating collections and selling them in NFT stores. The uniqueness of NFTs lies in the fact that they are a reliable means of giving and maintaining material value to non-material things.

Why are NFT collections worth so much?

NFTs are so expensive because there is a demand for them. No one thought about it in advance, but it turned out that society has an unfulfilled need. And NFT has implemented a product that fills this need.

How to get NFT for free?

There are several ways to get NFT for free, namely:
– Take part in an NFT giveaway or airdrop.
– Create your own NFT collection.
– Get it in games that support this technology.